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Maritime Injury Lawyer | How to Choose the Right Jones Act Lawyer
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Hiring a Jones Act Attorney

Hiring the right lawyer is very important. If you have a Jones Act, Maritime or Longshore case, it is critical that your attorney has an in-depth understanding of the applicable law and is willing to go the distance against anyone. We are known by the industry as smart lawyers who understand the intricacies of this area of law and will never quit fighting for our clients. Many lawyers that claim to be Jones Act and Maritime experts are not, but are instead only interested in signing up your case and referring it to another lawyer in order to collect a referral fee. We get many of our cases as referrals from other lawyers and do not refer out cases. We take pride in being trial attorneys who will represent the client from the beginning until the end of the client’s case.

National or Local Lawyer?

Rest assured that the insurance companies and defendants will be represented by National law firms. While there are skilled local attorneys in most locations, there are few attorneys that have the combination of skill and knowledge of the Jones Act and General Maritime Law. If the large insurance companies and defendants have the luxury of hiring a National law firm, so should you. Attorney Brian White handles cases across the United States.

What is a Jones Act and Maritime Lawyer?

Jones Act and Maritime Lawyer is a lawyer that handles Jones Act and Maritime Law cases with regularity. The practice of Maritime Law dates back to the days of the founding of our nation. Many American lawyers who were prominent in the American Revolution were admiralty and maritime lawyers in their private lives. Those included are Alexander Hamilton and John Adams.

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